Hi! I'm Lia.

I’ve been a paralegal, a professional ballroom dancer, and an entrepreneur with my own boutique digital agency. I have a master's degree in Food Studies and Nutrition from New York University and a bachelor’s degree from Barnard College.

These experiences have led me to be who I am today: A certified kinesiologist, a consultant for conscious brands, and a birth doula.

I'm extremely curious, endlessly fascinated by holistic health, gentle birth, and am intrigued by change and transformation on all levels - in both individuals and organizations alike.

Photos of EYS work, kinesiology…

Photos of EYS work, kinesiology…


After 8 years of competitive dancing in New York, I broke my ankle during an event. I got up and kept dancing. For years after the cast came off, I ignored the pain and kept pushing through, until my body shut down. I struggled with chronic pain and anxiety. Dancing had used to bring me joy but had become a main source of stress and unhappiness. I wasn’t getting the competition results I wanted. My body hurt on a daily basis. I got sick often. I was worried about changing careers. I was worried about finances. My relationships were difficult and I had a track record of them all ending in heartbreak.

Thinking that the physical nature of the professional circuit was the cause of all my problems, I finished my master’s degree and started working in PR, which quickly snowballed into the launch of my own digital advertising agency, +ONE. It was stressful living the freelance life but also came with its share of excitement and fun. After a few years, however, fueled by a fear of failure and the overwhelming need to prove myself, my body started breaking down again, along with my personal life.

I felt purposeless, burnt out, disillusioned and lost.

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I decided to make wellbeing my priority.


I travelled and explored. I got to know myself again. I discovered kinesiology, which opened my eyes to the wisdom of our bodies. It helped me connect back to myself and guided me on a path to healing. I became aware of the negative patterns and beliefs that had been sabotaging my health and relationships. I supplemented with magnesium, focused on a more nourishing diet and got bodywork done on a regular basis. I can’t say that the road to healing was all rainbows and butterflies. It certainly wasn’t easy, but it was worth it.

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I am healthy, feel connected to my heart and body and enjoy the things I love to do.

We have the power to re-write our stories, fully let go of hurts, free ourselves of limiting beliefs and get our bodies back into balance, so that we are clear and calm in creating the life we want to live - whether this means having the health we have always wished for, preparing for a positive birth experience or implementing those changes that we so deeply desire.

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